Explore the Complete Guide on How to Jailbreak Roku TV?

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There are many of the people who are unhappy with the ongoing streaming services that they use because it doesn’t provides the content they want to explore. This doesn’t mean that you need to forget and get disheartened about it.

Guess what you have got a way to jailbreak Roku to unleash all those features, variety and contents that you don’t get on your current streaming services.

Roku jailbreak is going to open and add up new features and content to your streaming experience.

What is Roku TV?

Roku is one of the best digital media players which is easily connectible to a television to stream and play media through the internet. The device has the in-built operating system and it comes with a remote control with a QWERTY keyboard for the ease of text input.

So you have the easy option to jailbreak roku express plus for your entertainment. However, this player was created by a company known as Netflix, Inc aiming to stream movies and TV shows by using internet.

Hence, you can jailbreak roku to run customised software. If any of the users is able to find a jailbreak for their device then they will be able to modify the operating system of the device. However, if you follow all the jailbreak roku procedures, then it will be able to add up into the device’s functionality and even provide the user with more control for the software.

What is Kodi?

Kodi is one of the popular app that is known to be the open-source app and mesia player which is used to stream media contents without spending a single penny which ultimately means, it is free. However, Kodi is known to be highly customisable and it supports a lot of third party add-ons. Now, this means that users can watch TV shows, movies and more for free.

How to jailbreak Roku to get Kodi on it?

Here are the steps required to jailbreaking Roku and enhancing your streaming experience. These steps are helpful for windows and Android users as well. Let’s get started:

1- The first is to press the “Home” button on your Roku remote.

2- Now, go to the settings option and then system updates. Check that you have updated Roku operating system.

3- The next step in jailbreak Roku express plus is to go to the settings and then enable the screen mirroring option.

4- The next step is going to require you select the screen mirroring mode in “Prompt” or “Always allow” mode. It will be better to use “Always allow” mode as you would need to go through all these steps when you want to stream again.

How to put Kodi on Roku using an HDMI cord

When you don’t want to use screen mirroring option, you can also use the Kodi on Roku by using an HDMI cord, here are the steps:

Step 1- The first step will require you to have install Kodi on your computer.

Step 2- Now connect an HDMI cord from your computer with the Roku player.

Step 3- Now come to your operating system, add Kodi as a device when you get the prompts on screen.

Step 4- Now you can use your computer to control Kodi.


One of the best thing about Roku device is that users are allowed to install the private channels on them. These types if channels are not officially endorsed or supported by Roku. But they provide extreme entertainment.

Use these steps to add up into your entertainment. Enjoy the content without even spending single penny.

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