Fix Roku Error Code 014.20 (Solved)

Here we have mentioned some of the common and usual steps to solve the error code 014.20 of Roku.

1. Initially apply an Ethernet Connection

• In the first step to solving the Roku Error code 014.20, connect Roku with a cable modem.
• Check the settings and find if it shows the connected cable.
• After the completing Ethernet connection procedure and try to navigate Roku settings.
• Then click on the wireless connection.
• Choose the internet network provider you are employing. Then, enter your security password, if Roku is asking. While inserting the password, stay conscious and enter as it is while considering the sensitive case.
• Meanwhile, The Roku error code 014.20 would have been solved, check to confirm.

In case if you still find error code 014.20 persisting, don’t worry, we got you another way to solve the issue as well.

2. Restore to Factory Settings is an alternate solution

This answer is about restoring the Roku to the default factory settings.
• Start the procedure by tapping on the Home button of Roku Remote.
• Then select the UP arrow button on the menu option.
• Go to settings
• Choose the factory reset option available there.
• Wait for a while, select when prompted.
• This is all you need to do, check if the Roku error code 014.20 has been solved.

3. Enhance the Signal Strength

If you didn’t find the above solution helpful, another option is to improving and enhancing the signal strength of the router. All you need to do is to keep the router close to the Roku device. This is the basic way to remove the obstacle taking place in the signal.

If the distance between the Roku device and the route is long, then it can be a reason for the obstacle resulting in Roku Error Code 014.20. Thus, working at a distance can be helpful.

1. Keep the Router and Roku Device close and a maximum of three feet away.
2. Reboot the Router, there can be issues with the router which rebooting will solve.
3. Reboot the Roku Device as well.
4. Wait for a while and restart.

To restart the device, follow the below-mentioned steps:

Initially navigate the settings menu on the Roku Device

• Then select System
• Select Restart Option there.
• The device will restart afterwards.
• To reboot successfully, unplug your device from the main switch and plug it again after a while. Give a couple of minutes to both the router and Roku to start.

This will result in solving the Roku Error Code 014.20 and it will be able to establish a strong connection to the local network.

Roku Error Code 014 is an error message which is entirely related and connected to network error and connectivity trouble. Therefore, if your Roku Device is finding any such error, especially while attempting to establish the wireless connection with the network, you can try connecting your Roku to the network with the help of an Ethernet cable.

However, this solution doesn’t work every time and it happens that sometimes while connecting the Roku Device to the internet through the Ethernet cable you might find the problem of outdated firmware.

Below mentioned is the quick solution for updating the Roku in Ethernet cable:

  1. Click on the updates check, thus, if there is any available update; the Roku Device will end up downloading that.
  2. After the update, the user is supposed to restart their device. For that, simply unplug the Roku from the source of power. Following that, wait for a while before plugging back the device and the error should be cleared by now.

In addition to these, it can be possible that the reason behind Roku Error code 014 is outdated wireless firmware. Thus, with the help of an Ethernet cable, let the Roku Note that it is also possible that the main reason for the Roku Error Code 014 is an outdated wireless firmware as stated earlier. Therefore, using an Ethernet cable to connect your Roku device will allow the Roku to automatically download the latest update.

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