Roku Error Code Setup

How Do I Fix Error Code On Roku?

The Error Code On Roku can be easily solved. The basic and most common error occurs in the internet
connection. The error code on Roku which frequently appears on the screen is when Roku encounters a
slow internet connection. No improvement in the internet speed will eventually lose all access to your
live streaming channels. When Roku encounters slow internet speed, it will make Roku errors pop up
now and then.

How Do I Fix Error Code 001 On Roku?

Roku Error Code 001
is an activation Error that can occur during the activation process of your Roku Device. While activation, Roku asks you to type an activation Code and if you type an incorrect Code or your activation Code expires then Roku Can Show You Error Code 001.  For Roku 2 users this Error could also occur due to slow internet. To fix the Error follow the following steps.

Roku Error Code 001

Step 1:  When you receive the activation Code, enter it before it expires.

Step 2: Find the HELP option and request the generation of a new Code.

Step 3: Check your network connections to avoid any kinds of delay in receiving the activation Code.

Step 4: If you are using wired connections, then check your cables and ensure that they don’t have any defect.

Step 5: Also check your router settings. Check if other Devices connected to the same network has internet access.

Step 6: Check you Roku Streaming Device’s settings. Go the settings and launch “Network,” then select “Check.”

Step 7: If the issue persists and you cannot seem to fix the problem then check with your internet service provider and rectify the issue. Or you can call Roku Support Number.

How Do I Fix Error Code 003 On Roku?

When Roku Shows Error Code 003, it indicates that the Roku Software Update has been unsuccessful. Roku can show an update failure due to multiple reasons such as poor internet connectivity or server issues. To fix this issue you can follow the steps below.

Roku Error Code 003

Step 1: Try restarting the device. Disconnect the Roku from its power source and reconnect it after waiting for a while. Now, try to go through the update process again.  Most of the times a reboot can solve this issue.

Step 2: When the screen shows “Unable to Update,” you need to select “Try Updating Again” to begin with the update process again.

Step 3:  If you continue to receive Error Code 003, try verifying your server status on Roku.

Step 4: To check the server status, Go to “Settings” and then open “Network” from the menu. Do not adjust or change the settings of your network before checking the status of your server.

Step 5: If you realise that there’s an issue with the server then ask your service provider for more information about the issue.

Step 6: Check community forums for to know if the server is down and wait till Roku can access the server again.

How Do I Fix Error Code 005 On Roku?

Your Roku Device can show Error Code 005 when it doesn’t have access to a strong internet connection. Error code 005 represents connectivity issues which is why you may also see this during installation of a new software or while downloading a software update.  This error can be fixed by following the steps given below:

Roku Error Code 005 (1)

Step 1: Restore the factory settings on your Roku Device. You can do this by going to “System” in “Settings” and then going to “Advanced system settings.” Select “factory reset” under advanced system settings.

Step 2: Ensure that your Roku device has access to a strong internet connection. You can use Wi-Fi or Mobile hotspot.

Step 3: Now, perform the activation process again. During this process the system will download the software update.

Step 4: Wait until the software update has been completed.

Step 5: Since the update has successfully been completed, you can now remove the Ethernet cable. Your device should activate.

Step 6: Disconnect your Roku from the power. Wait for a few minutes and the re-connect it. Do the same to your router.

Step 7: check if your internet connection is strong by trying to access the network through other connected devices. This should solve the error.

How Do I Fix Error Code 009 On Roku?

If your Roku Streaming Device shows Error Code 009 then it is usually because your Roku is unable to connect to the internet. This issue could arise even when your Roku device is connected to your internet router. In many cases this error can be resolved by authenticating the channel, or replacing the cables if they are too loose. You can also try removing the corrupted DNS cache or you can follow the steps given below to fix this: Facebook

Roku Error Code 009

Step 1: Turn the power off for your Roku Device and disconnect the power cable from it.

Step 2: Wait until you see that the lights on your Roku Device are off and then turn off your internet router.

Step 3: Now disconnect the data cables from your internet router and wait for a minute.

Step 4: After a minute has passed, reconnect your power cable and turn on your internet router.

Step 5: Now wait until your router reboots and make sure that it is working properly.

Step 6: Once the internet connection is up, let your Roku Device turn on.

Step 7: Connect your Roku Device to the internet and perform the activation process like you must have done before.

Step 8: Roku should stop showing Error Code 009.

How do I fix error code 014.20 on Roku?

Roku Devices
can show Error Code 014.20 when it is unable to access the local network. This error can arise when the internet router is placed too far from the Roku Device or when the signal strength of your local network is not that strong. You can try correcting this error by checking the placements of your router or restarting your device. Two methods to rectify this error are also mentioned below. Follow the steps mentioned below to fix this error from your Device.

Roku Error Code 014.20


STEP 1: Connect your Roku Streaming Device  to a modem with the help of a cable.

STEP 2: Change the settings on the Roku to adjust it to the new Ethernet connection.

STEP 3: Complete the set-up and click on wireless connection.

STEP 4: You will be prompted to choose a network provider and enter a case-sensitive security password.

STEP5: This should resolve your issue. If you can still see Error Code 014.20, then try solving it by the method below.


STEP1: Press the “Home” button on your Roku Remote and use the arrow keys to select the “Settings” option.

STEP 2: Find the “Factory Reset” option and select it.

STEP3: Select “Yes.”

STEP 4: This should fix the issue.

How do I fix error code 014.30 on Roku?

Your Roku TCL TV Can Show An Error Code 014.30 during streaming when the device does not have access to a strong internet connection. This could be due to poor connection cables or because the router is placed too far away. Sometimes this error code indicate connection to a corrupt router or an accumulation of bad DNS cache. You can fix the error through two methods. The steps to both the processes are given below.

Roku Error Code 014.30


STEP 1: Disconnect the router and the TV from the power.

STEP 2: Now, Press and hold the “Power” buttons of these devices for at least 20 seconds and then reconnect the devices to the power.

STEP 3: Now, turn them ON.

STEP 4: Reconnect your device to internet. This should resolve the issue.


STEP 1: Press the “Home” button on your remote and open “Settings”.

STEP 2: Go to “System” and then to “Advanced System Settings.”

STEP 3: Under that, select the “Factory Reset” option.

STEP 4: Confirm by selecting “Factory Reset Everything,” and then enter the code on the screen and press “OK.”

STEP 5: After resetting, turn the TV on and connect it to your network. This should resolve your issue.

How do I fix error code 014.40 on Roku?

A Roku Device can show Error Code 014.40 while streaming a video when it is unable to establish a good internet connection with the available networks. You can check that you have added the correct Wi-Fi information or that you have not entered the worn password. Sometimes defective cache captured by the TV can also cause this issue. In case you have turned on Mac filtering for your router, then that could also be one of the reasons why Roku shows you this error. How ever, this error can be fixed by following the steps below:

Roku Error Code 014.40

STEP 1: Open Settings on your TV and then got to “System.”

STEP 2: Now Select “Advanced System Settings. “

STEP 3: Select “Network Connection Reset” and confirm by pressing “OK.”

STEP 4: There would be a code displayed on the screen, enter it to initiate the reset.

STEP 5: Continue following the onscreen instructions to complete the reset. Now restart your device and connect to your network.

STEP 6: Select “Wireless” or “Wired” depending upon your connection and then select your Wi-Fi from the list of the options.

STEP 7: Enter the password and select “Connect.” This should solve the issue.

How Do I Fix Error Code 014.50 On Roku?

Roku TCL TV Shows Error Code 014.50
when it is unable to connect to the internet networks available in your area. It can occur if you haven’t chosen the right wireless network or if you have not entered the password to the network correctly. The error ay also occur if the device is placed too far away from the router and it is experiencing weak network. You can fix this issue by following the steps given below:

Roku Error Code 014.50

STEP1: Open the “Settings” of your Roku Player and select “System.”

STEP 2: Now select the “System Restart” option.

STEP3: You can also choose to mechanically restart your device by disconnecting the power cables of the device from the electrical outlet and connecting it back after a couple of minutes.

STEP 4: Now restart your wireless router. You can refer to the instructions given in the manual for the router to know the exact process.

Usually, it can be done by disconnecting the power cable from the back of the router and then reconnecting it after a couple of minutes.

STEP 5: Now turn the power ON for both the devices and reconnect the Roku to the internet.

STEP 6: Make sure you enter the correct Wi-Fi information and password. This should solve the issue.

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