Quick guide to solve Roku error code 014.30 and 014.50?

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Entertainment is a must thing in our life. Specially when we had a hectic day and feeling tired. This is when Roku comes to rescue. You just have to press the power on button and your entertainment gets started. Roku is one of the amazing platforms to stream your entertainment anytime and anywhere. You can find many of the guides and tutorials to connect your Roku device to your iPhone devices. But it really sucks when it stuck or show errors then we go actively looking out for any working solution. Now, this error can be recognised as Roku error code 014.30 which is not easy to solve. This is why we are here with this post to help you solve this error easily. So, don’t skip any part and let’s get started.

Reasons of Roku Error

  1. Poor Internet connection

Most of the folks experience this error while they are streaming over Roku or they are on between the session. So, a major reason for this error is a bad internet connection. And, it stops Roku to stream the content effectively.

  • Fragile Wifi connection

The other reason behind Roku error 014.50 is fragile Wi-Fi signal. This is why it is really important that you choose the wireless connection which is uninterrupted and strong enough. It becomes difficult for Roku device to stream the content if the distance between wireless and Roku device becomes tpp long.

  • Wrong ID or Password

There are times when you are going to connect your device with wireless connection, you might enter wrong SSID or Password which then results into system glitch. And, then you get Roku error.

Methods to solve Roku error code 014.30

  1. Chane the device

If you device is showing error then make sure to use another device and check if the problem still persists. It is important that you double check your internet connection through a Mobile phone or Computer before you move to get help from ISP team.

  • Use Roku Remote

The other method to solve this error is to make use of remote. Here are the steps that you need to follow:

Step 1- Go to settings and choose network.

Step 2- Now press setup connection and move ahead to choose wireless.

Step 3- Now select your network and then move ahead to enter your password.

Step 4- Now you will see the successful connection established.

So, these were the methods to solve Roku error code 014.30 try them and tell us your experience. Now move ahead to solve the other error.

Methods to solve error 014.50

Method 1-

Step 1-  Make sure to detach the cable from the router and then relink it.

Step 2- Now press the reset button and long press it.

Step 3- Now login to your router account. From, here you would need to modify the channels.

Step 4- At the end of this procedure, your Roku device will successfully be connected to router.

Step 5- And, the Roku error 014.50 will be solved.

Method 2-

Step 1- Check your internet connection with other device, does the problem occurs with them as well?

Step 2- If yes then make sure to plug off the router and then re-plug it.

Step 3- Clean the router using cotton buds.

Step 4- Connect your device to Roku.

Now your problem must have solved. Stream your content without any interruption. So, this was the easy guide to solve Roku error 014.50 and other error as well. Do try them and share your experience with us.

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