Step by step guide for iPhone mirror screen to Roku

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Most of the smart devices these days support screen mirroring feature which also includes Apple’s iPhone as well. Apart from that, screen mirroring is not that easy by using Apple devices.There was a time where you needed to use only Apple TV to cast your screen over a larger display. However, as you might know that Apple is popular for serving user friendly UI and ecosystem. Just a thing that creates problem is it’s lack of compatibility with non-Apple devices.

Now, that you want to mirror screen to roku you don’t have any idea on how to do it. Don’t worry because we are here to solve this problem and provide you step by step guide. So that you don’t stay apart from your entertainment for a long time. So, without any further ado let’s get started.

What is Roku screen mirroring?

Roku device mirroring simply indicates to casting your iPhone or iPad screen to Roku TV. Now, this setup us not going to demand any wires or cables. You can get connected easily by using Wi-Fi connection.

Make sure that your iPhone/iPad and Roku TV are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. You are actually duplicating your iPhone or iPad screen to the TV or projector when you are mirroring. However, this is a very useful method to stream photos, videos, music, apps and even games as well to your TV from your iOS devices.

5 easy steps to iPhone mirror screen to roku

These 5 steps are all that you need for screen mirroring. However, make sure to follow the steps correctly to avoid any blunder. So, let’s get started.

Step 1- Download mirror for Roku app

Go to the Apple app Store and then just click the download button for Roku screen mirroring through iStreamer. It’s absolutely free to download and even the Pro version of this app will help you mirror thr sound as well.

Step 2- Connect the app to your TV

It is really easy to connect to your TV. You just have to check that both the devices are connected through same network. Also, your TV should be on the available devices list. Just head on to connect it. There’s also another method for Roku device mirroring which requires you to connect the TV by typing in the Roku TV IP.

Step 3- Click the mirror button

Now you just have to tap the screen mirroring button. Now, if you are using an iOS 11 system, you would have got the button control center of the device. If you don’t find it then follow this:

•Open settings.

•Then go to control center.

•Next click on Customise control.

•Click the button to screen recording.

Step 4- Click on start broadcast

After you click on the option to start mirroring button then you need to click on “Start Broadcast” option under Live and Standard modes. To start the mirror screen to Roku go to the advanced mode then control center of iOS system then select “Screen Mirroring” and then tap on the option of Roku TV/Device.

Step 5- Enjoy the screen mirroring

You just need to wait for few seconds. And, you will get to see the casting on your Roku TV.

Now you can easily cast any of the contents to your Roku TV by using iPhone and never get bored. Just follow these steps to connect your iPhone to your television easily.

So, these were the easy steps to start Roku device mirroring without any hassle. Hope it helps you for the same.

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