Roku has made a place for itself in the industry by offering an unprecedented ease and comfort in the watching experiences. Screen mirroring is perhaps another method to ensure that. With Roku screen mirroring, Roku users are able to stream the content on their mobile devices to their TVs and watch it together with their families. However, it can be really annoying, when Roku suddenly disconnects from the phone and interrupts the continuity.

If you are an apple user, experiencing this issue, this guide is for you. We are going to tell you the steps that are highly recommended by Roku support chat executives and Roku support contacts to help fix the screen mirroring issue.


Follow the steps given below to resolve your Roku screen mirroring issue and connect your iPhone properly to your Roku device. But before you do that, Roku support chat executives suggest that you should ensure that:

• Your iPhone device is connected to a strong network.
• Your Roku device is connected to the same network.
• There are not many devices connected to the network.
• Check if you can find your Roku device under the “Always Blocked devices” list. You can check this by checking if your device appears below the screen mirroring devices. If so, remove it from the list.
• Ensure that your iPhone is close to the Roku streaming player.
• Roku support contacts suggest that if you have tried to connect Roku to your iPhone a couple of times, then you should restart before you follow the steps written below.

Steps to connect Roku to your iPhone without any Roku screen mirroring issue:

• On your Roku device, open the “Settings” menu.
• Now Navigate and select the “System” option, and then select “Screen mirroring.”
• You should now be able to see a dialogue box which would ask you to select either “Always allow” or “prompt.” Select either one of them depending upon your preference. The one that you have selected will have a tick mark against it.
• Now, open the App store on your iPhone and search for the Roku App.
• Click on the install button and wait for it to be downloaded.
• Once it has been installed, launch the app and click on the box against the Terms and Conditions dialogue to agree and continue.
• This will begin a set-up process.
• The Roku app will start searching for other Roku devices nearby it. If you see your device, tap on it so that the app can recognise it. This could take a few seconds, wait until you can see your device.
• If you are screen mirroring for the first time you may experience a time lag in the videos or you may find that Roku just suddenly stops playing. Roku support chat executives suggest ensuring that your screen display doesn’t shut down quickly to ensure that you don’t get interrupted. These issues fix themselves automatically after sometime.

If you have followed the step-by-step procedure then you would be able to connect your Roku device to your iPhone without any Roku screen mirroring issues. You can talk to a Roku support Chat operator or call a Roku support contact number if you still face some difficulties.

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