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The Complete Guide on How To Turn Off Roku Express Plus

Roku Express Plus series is perhaps one of the most popular series of Roku products.  It is easy to use, simple to setup, comes with a voice powered remote control, and is perfect device to stream content easily. Roku Express is connected to the TV or the computer with the help of a USB cable and if you are facing any kind of difficulties in turning it off, you should not worry. We have written down a step-by-step guide on How To Turn Off Roku Express Plus and you can just scroll down and follow the steps.

How To Turn Off Roku Express?

You can always use the remote! If you don’t know How To Turn Off Roku through a remote then follow the steps given below to easily go through with the process:

  • You can try turning off the TV. Ideally, Roku Express Plus does not need to be turned off separately with a remote. When you will turn off your TV, your device’s power will simultaneously go off.
  • In case you wish to keep the TV ON and the Roku Device Off, you can also try to turn it off with the remote.
  • When you will turn your TV ON from the off state, the Roku Device will also gain power automatically.
  • If the device doesn’t turn on, you can check if there is a good power supply or if the USB cable is working properly. Try using an AC adapter to turn it back on.
  • As long as the AC Adapter is plugged in, the Roku Express Device will be ON.
  • To turn off the device, you can simply remove the AC Adapter from the socket and the device will turn off.

If you have followed all the steps carefully till the end, then you will be able to turn off your device. In case you are wondering about How To Turn Off Roku Express Plus, we have a step-by-step guide for you written below.


If you don’t know How To Turn Off Your Roku Express Plus, then you need to follow the steps written below to go through with the process: Facebook

1st Method: Using “Auto Power.”

  • Roku Express Plus does not have a physical power button therefore it cannot be switched off directly by pressing a button. However, you can turn the power off for your Roku device by pressing the Home button on your Roku Remote.
  • This would open a menu of options on the screen. Select “settings” among them.
  • Now find the “Power” option and turn “Auto Power” OFF.
  • Once you have disabled Auto Power, the Roku Device will automatically shut down after about a half an hour of no activity. So now, you just need to not use your Roku device for about half an hour.

2nd Method: Using “Power OFF.”

  • Another way to turn off your Roku device is by selecting the “Power Off” option in the settings. This will turn your device off instantly.

3rd Method: Using a Power Strip.

  • You can also turn off your Roku Express Plus Device by connecting it to a power strip.
  • Power strips need to be connected to a switch. So now, you can turn on the device by pressing the switch on the power strip or by disconnecting the power strip.

If you have followed all the steps carefully then you would now know How To Turn Off Roku Express. If wish to turn your Roku 3900x off, you can look at the guide below.

How To Turn Roku 3900X  Off ?

roku 3900x

There are no specific methods to turn off Roku 3900X Devices. However, you can turn off the Auto Power feature or disconnect the device from the electric connection to turn it OFF. If you are looking for detailed instructions on How To Turn Off Your Roku Express, look at the guide below:

  • Disconnect the Roku 3900X from the television. This can be done by removing the HDMI cable from the HDMI port of your TV.
  • Now, remove the AC adapter of your Roku device.
  • You should also know that the next time you turn your Roku Device ON, it will undergo an automatic update process.

If you have followed the blog till here then you now know How To Turn Off Your Roku Express Plus and Roku 3900X devices. In case you experience any other difficulties, you can always contact the Roku Support Number for more help. You can also write to us, we would love to help!

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