How to Resolve Roku Error Code 014.20?

Roku has been recognized as one of the finest streaming devices that offer you premium features and shows. When it comes to a new movie that needs screening, then Roku can be the best bet to watch that. However, after spending a lot of time setting up Roku and then finding some errors disturbing your experience can be truly annoying

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Ways to Solve the Roku Error Code 014.20

Roku Error Code 014.20 is one of the most common errors that users face. Various reasons might be causing this error. Majorly, this inaccuracy arises when all the other devices are getting connected to the internet and only Roku is finding itself to be unable to get the connection.

There can be multiple reasons making the Roku face issues like Roku Error Code 014.20. Generally it takes place when one enters the wrong password or has connected the Roku to some other Wi-Fi. In addition to that, there can be other grounds that you can find tough to solve as they are technically advanced.

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If you believe, your system got some minor issues which can be solved with your efforts only, then follow the below-mentioned steps to resolve the RokuTV Error Code 014.20

How to resolve the Error 014.20 on your Roku Device?

Disable the Network Pings:

Disabling the network pings is one of the major steps to follow in the initial period, in order to solve this Roku error. Thus, to disable the network pings, press a button on the remote and control it on the screen.

Once it gets navigated suitably, then open the menu and choose the Disable Network pings. Thenafter following this, you might be able to connect your Roku with the WiFi. If you are still facing the TCL Roku TV Error Code 014.20, then follow the below-mentioned steps –

Update your Software:

You can also talk to Roku Support Chat Executive or call Roku support at 24x7 Helpline: +1-302-262-5444 in case you face any other technical difficulties or if still unable to resolve the issue

Our experts carry a good dose of experience in the field and have been known to resolve these Roku Errors quickly and feasibly. Also, we ensure to assign you the verified and certified experts only.