How to Resolve Roku Error Code 014.30?

Roku looks amazing only till it doesn’t get interrupted with any of the error or issues.

Roku Error Code 014.30 is one of the most common errors that could take place anytime while the streaming of the shows. This generally occurs when a Roku device is unable to receive a strong internet signal or it also generates when the device finds it tough to connect itself with the internet while streaming.

Jailbreak Roku
Jailbreak Roku

How the Roku Error 014.30 Usually Emerges?

Typically this error appears on the screen with the purple box appearing on it. It looks something like,“This error can occur when you are attempting to start streaming with your Roku device or during a streaming session. It occurs when the internet signal has become too weak for the device to perform properly or if no internet is available.”

How to Fix Roku Error 014.30?

Below mentioned are a couple of the points that can be employed while solving the error 014.30:

This issue can be often resolved quickly and conveniently. However, initially, it requires following a few of the steps.

Initially test the attached Wi-Fi network with some other access device. You can employ a cell phone or computer. But ensure that the attached internet is working properly and carry a good speed.

  1. In the Roku menu, go to Settings > System > System restart or complete the action as, Settings > System > Power > System restart. If you want the Roku television to restart your Roku system

    On the other hand, remove the Roku device from power and wait for a while before reconnecting it. Also, reboot the modem and router you are using so that your wireless signal gets reorganized to normal.

  2. When it gets reconnected to the power there are chances that it gets solved, or try testing the Roku to see if the error still occurs. If you find problems still, then, go to Settings > switch to Network and turn to Setup connection and select Wireless. Opt the network and enter the network password to make sure it is entered correctly. Select Connect to > continue
  3. In other situation, Roku sometimes fail to recognize the attached MAC address. Thus, if this happens, add the MAC address that appeared on the error message screen to your router and check if that unblocks the device
  4. Or if still not resolved, you can opt for factory resetting on your Roku.

    If even after implementing the mentioned steps properly you are still unable to find a solution forthe Roku Error 014.30 you can reach us to get expert assistance. Our team of experts is round theclock here to help you out.

    You can also talk to Roku Support Chat Executive or call Roku support at 24x7 Helpline: +1-302-262-5444 in case you face any other technical difficulties or if still unable to resolve the issue.

    They are enough experienced, certified enough and have been known to resolve these Roku Errors quickly and conveniently. Also, we ensure to assign you the verified and certified experts only