How to fix Roku Error Code 014.50

Finding an error code on your Roku TV screen is truly annoying and quite frustrating. Especially, when you are not a very technical person and got no idea about how to fix and solve the problems. Here in this brief blog, we have considered some of the common and easy ways to fix the Roku Error Code 014.30, Roku Error 014.40 & Roku Error Code 014.50 appearing on the Roku Device. When it comes to TV shows and access to streams of audio and video content, Roku comes in integral importance.

Most often, Error code 014.50 materialize on the screen when the Roku device is incapable to connect the device with the local network. Usually, this issue takes place because of the bad signal strength or incorrect verification details inserted.

If you are finding Roku Error Code 014.50 appearing on your Roku Device, you can fix the issues with various steps that we have mentioned before taking and consulting the professionals. However, it has been recommended that to find uninterrupted streaming shows on the Roku Device, the user shall constantly check the local network to ensure the device is correctly connected to the service.

error code 014.50

How to Solve Roku Error Code 014.50

Now that you understand the reason behind the error 014.50 is related directly to the local connection, you can proceed to break down the root cause.

Fixing the error needs you to isolate the symptoms:

Initially to fix the Roku Error Code 014.50 try reconnecting the device with the network. If you don’t find the solution by reconnecting the device, try another step as disconnecting the Roku by tapping on the “Forget Network” option on settings.

After that, continue to scan for accessible networks in range. From the appeared list, select your network and enter the security key as directed.

Be careful while you are entering the password.

Restarting the device and then again connecting it with the internet can solve this Roku Error.

Although, if you didn’t find the solution helpful, we recommend the below-mentioned steps to solve the Roku error code 014.50.

Reset the Device

The problem can take place because the device’s software has been affected by corruption in the system. Thus, to solve that, the user needs to restore the factory default settings on the router.

To complete the process, log in to the Roku account. >> Further, head on to the settings option and choose the “System” option. >> Afterwards, select the “System Restart” and “Factory Reset”.

Once done, wait for a while and then check to confirm, if the error has been solved

Reset Network Settings

Even if the problem still appears, you can switch to reset the internet connection. This will flash your modem’s memory back to the default settings. However here, the user must reconfigure the settings while employing the Roku device. If you find any other device connected with your Roku system, try to forget and reset to start.

Log in to the Roku account. Afterwards, head on to the settings tab and click on the System option.

To do that, select “System Restart” and then tap on the “Network Connection Reset” option accessible there. This helps in smooth resetting and prompts to restart. When it comes back on, go to the “Settings” and tap the “Network” option there.

After that, select the Wi-Fi option and choose the “Setup a new Wi-Fi Connection”. Once done, the user is supposed to confirm the preferred network. >> Following that, select the “Automatic” option and confirm with a password.

The problem regarding Roku Error Code 014.50 will be solved with the above-mentioned steps.


The Roku error 014.50 is a common error that can be solved easily. Follow the mentioned steps before consulting the professional. Signalling a disruption within the local area network, reconnection is the process that helps in analyzing the major reason behind the error